We choose the trendiest item on the market put together with the hottest fashion item by a well known fashion stylist Suzy Tamasy she has been published in several magazines and has styled a-lister clients. You will be included in this fashion unique handpicked item by Suzyqjewels StyleUBox trending over $300 worth of products from different affiliated small business owners in Canada. All StyleUBox are unique and geared to the quarterly season hottest items covering fashion, beauty and a holistic balance in one fashionable box with a cause to support Women Shelters through out Toronto, Vaughan and Durham.

You can pre-order now for the best rate at $41.98 until Jan 10, 2019.

After that date the StyleUBox goes to $49.98.

If you order all quarter season boxes by February 14, 2019 all quarters for a 20% discount and be stylish always.

Great gift for Bloggers, Models, Spouses, Corporate, Moms and Teens basically everyone.



Skin Type


Colour Tones

""Biege"Greys" "Reds"